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Bon Vera
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Our Team

Bob Dickie, CEO

A YPO member, a graduate from the Harvard Business School Executive Program, former US Air Force Captain, UT Alumnus and track and field star, our CEO is a jack of all trades and force multiplier for this organization, this team, and all those around him. Bob believes wholeheartedly in living your best life with continual education, good mentorship, and communicating with vision, clarity, and warmth.

You can find Bob with a good book on his desk or listening to a thought provoking podcast on his phone. He’s a copious notetaker who loves to learn from others and pay it forward. In his spare time, Bob enjoys reading, Spartan Races, spending time with his family, and traveling.

Dotti Gouine, Customer Service Manager & Official Photographer

Whenever a customer calls in, they ask to speak with Dotti. That’s the personal, warm, and hospitable nature Dotti brings to customer service. But that’s not all, Dotti is also Bonvera’s official photographer. Having run her own photography business, she knows a thing or two about photography and videography. Her experience brings pizzazz and style to everything she captures.

She faithfully brews the coffee every morning for our team, and she does so with cheer. In her off time, Dotti spends time with her daughter, Jozlyn, and her husband Jeremy exploring their new home in Knoxville and visiting family back home in Michigan.

Laura Gilbert-Shuford, Manager of Finance & Accounting

Coming from a whole line of accountants, Laura was made to be an accounting and finance guru. Wired to save, invest, and steward wisely, Laura watches over the company’s finances and investments with care and diligence. She’ll tell you, it runs in her blood. Not to mention, a sweet southern accent runs in her family too.

She’s a lover of dogs, and she’s a lover of healthy food. You can find her munching on a healthy snack every afternoon. Her faithfulness and accuracy for numbers, data points, and benefits makes her exceptional at what she does. She loves to spend time with family on the weekends, including her husband, daughters, and grandson.

Tucker Cortese, Director of Business Development

In Tennessee, the weather isn’t quite warm enough for this Florida native. Tucker hails from a small town in Florida and is one of four siblings. He graduated from Florida State University (and continues to root for his alma mater). He thrives in start-up environments and has worked in several specializing in international business and operations.

In our office, you can find him humming a tune and sipping on a late afternoon cup of coffee. He is constantly bringing up new ways to solve old problems and a fresh perspective needed on an idea. In his free time, he enjoys seeing his 9 nephews, playing basketball, and reading books.

Erick Webster, Manager of IT

Another jack of all trades, Erick is a our resident how-to guy, web developer, and tech expert. But that’s not all, he is also a fixer upper on the weekends, a wood carver in his free time, and a guitar aficionado on the side. Erick has worked for years in web development helping direct sales companies with commission, web design, compensation payouts, and more. He knows code backward and forward with the click of his mouse.

When we have an IT fix, Erick is the man to call. He can work through problems patiently, and he can communicate directly about issues at hand. When he’s not on his computer fixing the latest web issue, he can be found renovating his new house with his wife in Wichita, Kansas or hand making his newest guitar.

Erin McGinnis, Compliance Manager

This lady is humorous, knowledgable, and full of wisdom. Erin serves as Bonvera’s Business Compliance department all in one. She handles legal issues, medical claims, regulations, and monitoring of proper guidelines in various spaces within our industry. She comes highly recommended by two of the top lawyers in the direct sales space, and she comes with 8 years of experience in the direct sales industry.
She’s also currently working on her Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Erin’s job includes interfacing with customers, researching the latest regulation and legal updates, and educating the team on best practices and guidelines. Erin can be found painting on the weekends working on her masterpieces under the direction of her Siamese cat.

Jeremy Gouine, Creative Director

Give this guy an idea, and he’ll make it a reality. With a background in music, videography, and photography, Jeremy is Bonvera’s Creative Director bringing ideas to life. Jeremy has worked for multiple businesses including owning his own wedding business where he was able to capture life’s most important moments. He brings an eye for design, a vision in mind, and a precise touch to every masterpiece he creates.

On the daily, Jeremy enjoys spending his time with his family in his new Tennessee home. He loves tacos, a good rock band, and adventuring out to new local spots. He loves to travel, having bonfires with his family back in Michigan, and swinging on his aunt’s old school swing set. It’s the simple things in life that mean the most to him.

the home office.

Here at the Bonvera home office, you’ll always find a cup of Thrive Farmers coffee brewing, a candle burning, some music going, and usually, some laughter echoing through the offices.

With Bob’s incredible leadership and vision, we’re empowered to solve problems, encouraged to learn new skills, step into new things, communicate effectively, encourage one another, and bring our authentic selves to whatever we set out to do.

We believe in serving our customers well, trying new things, celebrating our achievements as a team, learning from mistakes and failures, and pressing on to making this company the best it can be.

Have a question, funny story, or encouraging word? Send it in to our office, we’d love to hear from you!

If you’d be interested in joining our team, review our open positions at the Careers page and email your resume and why you want to be a part of the team at support@bonvera.com!